What's New In the Studio: UPDATES

How to Get There from Here--Collage of hand pulled prints and antique paper. 10"x10" 2023

After a 4-6 week painting hiatus, I am ready to get back into the studio. From Thanksgiving on I have been in card production, and the rest of my time spent with family and friends celebrating the festivities of the holidays.  But now that the tree is down, gifts lovingly tucked away, people settling in for a few months of winter, I hear the paint whispering. 

Rather than make New Year resolutions, I  make goals; this year is bringing projects to fruition that have not been completed- or started!  So I have been designing a new workshop to shake the rust off my teaching, underway is a self published book of collages, and then the exciting work to continue on the Fairy Tale Series.  (Scheherazade seen below)  I have several pieces in progress from late fall, and I am so excited to get my head, heart, and hands back into what i love most- the paint and the paper.  

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