THE FISHERMAN AND THE GENIE Acrylic and Collage on Wood Panel


The magical piece is part of my Fairy Tale series, of pieces influenced by fairy tales. This is from The Tales of the Arabian Nights - The Fisherman and the Jenni (Genie) the moment when the fisherman snags a bottle instead of a fish, and the fish realizes the trouble to come. I work intuitively, not knowing where the piece will end up until it shows me the direction it wants to go. It is an acrylic paint on wood, with some small pieces of hand painted/printed paper collaged throughout the work.

8 x 10 in a gold toned wood frame. There is an option to buy it unframed for 50.00 less. Please contact me through the website if you would like to purchase it this way and I will change the price.

Shipping included in the price.