SCHEHERAZADE AND THE TALES AT DAWN Acrylic and Collage on Wood Panel


The piece is from the Fairy Tale series, and was influenced by The Tales of the Arabian Nights . It illustrates the time before dawn, when Scheherazade would finish the story of the previous day, and then start a new one; thus saving her own life- and the lives of other women by keeping the Sultan engaged with her stories. Women saving women.

I work intuitively, not knowing where the piece will end up until it shows me the direction it wants to go. Acrylic paint on mahogany wood panel, collaged with pieces of hand painted/printed paper. Gold and copper metallics are scattered throughout, giving it a sense of illumination.

Approx 16" x 25" x .75" ; It is not framed, but the edges are finished, the back is and ready to hang.

Shipping is 200.00 however if it is less- I will refund the difference. Please allow for some time to ship as I have to buy or build a box for it. Local pick or delivery is available in the Hudson Valley.