Oil on Paper SPRING Hurley Field New York


This is an oil on prepared canvas paper that I painted in the spring of 2017. I set up my easel in my fab friend's backyard, which was on the back end of an open field. It was spring, the earth roiling with life. A stormy sort of day, but warm with the promise of summer.....and swimming.

I don't paint plein air often as I prefer the comfort of my studio to be honest. But there is a magic that happens when you paint outdoors; the color, the energy, the movement, seeps into your pores and spills onto the paper/canvas/board. I used a palette knife in this piece as it allows me to be freer in capturing the moment in my work, working both to add paint, and to carve into it.

Paper Size is 9 x 11", image size 8.25 x 10.25. I have painted it so that it fits into a matte (of any frame size) with an 8 x 10 opening. I had to take this out of a frame to frame a piece for another show- so I am selling at an unframed rate. Your gain for sure.

Shipped Priority Flat Rate with insurance, with a backing so that it is well protected.

Signed on front and back.